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Friday, April 2nd, 2004
9:52 pm
I don't know what the fuck it is in my life lately, but....it seems that everytime i get a girl that truely cares about me...something always goes wrong, we'll be happy for one second then it seems like out of nowehere something comes a long to fuck everything up. it really suz and it's not fair at all. I just wish i could have one good day all the way through without anything interrupting my ass.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
12:15 pm
It's been awhile...
I haven't updated in a long ass time. I guess that's because nothing new has happened in my life lately...until now. I've been spending a lot more time with Jennifer, and it seems like each time we're together it's better and better. I find myself being depressed most of the time though, because her mom doesn't really approve of us seeing eachother. We still hang out everyday at school, but that isn't the same. She says we need alone time or something. Everytime we get alone time...something happens so that we end up having to leave wherever we are or she has to go home, basically, something always goes wrong...it never fails. IT's not fair, it seems like everytime i get happy with someone, something has to happen to fuck me or that person over. In this relationship, the thing that is fucking me over is her rascist grandparents. Jen basically has to keep me a secret from her family, except for her mom. I told her something that i've never told someone else and actually meant. When she said it back i got goosebumps...i guess that's a good thing hehe. I told katie something a while ago...and i regret it, i have no clue what i was thinking when i told her that, and im glad the whole thing didn't go though as planned. If you read this (Katie) im sorry things didn't work out, jen treats me better. Damn that sounds fucked up, but oh well.

Most of my friends have been going thorugh some pertty rough shit. My friend Junior is having a nervous breakdown and is talking crazy like he wants to kill himself. He told me that his dad is starting to lose trust in him, his girlfriend dumped himj for oen of his friends, the girl he likes only wants to be friends with him and nothing more, he is fucking up on his job, he's gotten 3 tickets in the past week, just lost his insurance, and is getting kicked out at the end of the month...That is too much shit to go through for an 18 year old guy, i feel hella bad for him and have no idea how to help. It sucks because i want to focus on jennifer but my friends are constantly stressing me uot. I have no one to talk to about it, except for jennifer, and that stresses her out, so im kinda stuck. If there are any typo's in this thing it's because i had the screen minimized because i typed this up at school, that's all i have to say for now...blah blah pro la sian sao fuck a dog and rape donkies.amburgers and wootbeer. you wanna fuck me like an animal.
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
12:47 pm
*couldn't email myself photo assignment because email sites are blocked, sorry for taking up your guys' space*

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
12:40 pm
I finally earned enough gold to buy chief hair in gunbound. It didn't do much of a difference, but my average direct hit does around 379 dmg haha...pwned! Sad thing is that my gold is down to only 2k. haha most people reading this don't know what the fuck im talking about. Gunbound is just a hella addictive game that dezmond has once again gotten me hooked to. Coolest thing happened today. I had burned the setup for the game onto a cd, hoping i could copy it over to my school computer. I got caught by my teacher and he was going to send me to inschool...until he saw what game it was. Turns out he plays it himself...so he said i was allowed to play it in class if i had all my work done, even play against him if he wasn't busy. He's only a wooden hammer (2nd lowest rank in the game) but that's better than being a chick (1st lowest).

Now that gunbound talk is over, this is for Katie..if she even reads it. Call me when you get the chance cuz i need to talk to you.

There are some other things i'd like to put in this journal...but i can't because a certain someone would chew me out for it. Since most of the people that voice their opinions to help me out, i only see on here...im kinda screwed. If that made any sense haha. To sum it up it's girl problems..not like im a girl with problems...im just having a huge problem which involves a girl who is a close friend of mine...a girl who is very confused and is not sure what she wants from me..friendship or something more. Giving me mixed signals. I can't be a total ass to her and tell her to fuck off...don't know what to do in this situation...so ummmmmmm yeah...finally a decent entry after i don't know how long lol. Anyways...gonna play a couple games of gunbound. Peaz
Monday, December 1st, 2003
2:29 am
Gunbound turned gay
Well i was playing gunbound last night, and suddenly got kicked off the game. So did all of my friends. I try to log on again about 5 mins ago, and a notice comes up saying that game will no longer be free. They are going to start charging people to play it now. it didn't say when this was going to take place but i think that's kinda gay. First bomberman online fucks dogs and now gunbound is too. FUCKING GAY!!! haha ok im done.
Thursday, October 16th, 2003
11:49 pm
Just Curious
I was wondering if anyone actually reads my journal entries...because i never get any replies or anything.. So could whoever just read this entry leave a reply to let me know? I mean...aside from the obvious people who read this (dezmond, katie, ali, kimi) and some other people..but yeah, i'd just like to know. thanks :)
7:59 pm
Yay...I'm a dancing mastah
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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
2:37 pm
...The rest of my weekend
well i didn't get to finish this at school so i guess i'll do it now...after the black guy in the maze...we had to walk through this scary set up thing where ppl would jump out and scare you. i was kinda nervous, but jesse looked all cool and calm...so i figured if he could do it i could too..again..judy was all clinging my arm and shaking and crap. i don't think she was scared, just looking for a reason to touch me..cuz jesse had warned me before i came that she had a thing for black guys..anyways, after the maze everyone stopped to get something to eat.. me and jesse wanted to go on more rides so we took a cell phone and told everyone where we were going...we got on this one ride where you stand against the wall and the whole thing starts to spin so you stick to the wall...that was kinda scary but cool at the same time..then we got in line for another ride...it was called the boomerang or something...as we were in the middle of the line, the cell phone rings and it was judy, wondering where we were...she ended up cutting through the line to get on the ride with us..we go on that and then we walk around some more...we go on this water ride thing and she gets soaked...and she's whining cuz she's cold so i give her my jacket (which smells like her now) ;) anyways... we ended up running into a ddr machine and jesse wanted to play..as he played judy asked me to walk with her and go on a ride with her...when we got there we found out the park was closing in 10 mins and that we should head back to the exit...we went back to the ddr machine and jesse was gone...and he had taken her cell phone and put it in his pocket for one of the rides..she was wearing a black tanktop with white capri pants (i think they're called)..so she had no pockets..anways, we knew we were supposed to meet everyone at the locker section but we couldn't find it..so we spent about 45 minutes walking in circles trying to find the damn place...we got tired and sat down for awhile...she started putting her arm around me and went to kiss me and i froze...im not gonna say what happened next but we eventually found everyone...it probably looked hella bad when they saw us walking up to the meeting point about an hour later than we were supposed to, but oh well haha. we all got in the cars and headed back, judy leaned on my shoulder the whole ride back and was playing with my hand. We got to the house in Anaheim and we hung out outside for a bit. Judy was still in the car and everyone else was in the house eating crap..so outside was me, jesse, sam, and some other chick...ray came outside and said it was time to go, judy got out the car, gave me a hug and a kiss on the chick and said "it was really nice to meet you reggie, hope to see you again"... it felt like a dream, cuz she was hella pretty and i've never had a girl talk to me like that before, she kinda reminded me of dezmond's cousin, haha i must have a thing for getting my friend's cousins attracted to me or something..but anyways, ray was too tired to drive straight to modesto afterwards, so we went back to the place we showered at and stayed the night there..which means i had to miss school on monday (not like im complaining) we woke up, everyone ate breakfast but me, cuz i got up late. about 2 hours later (like 1pm) we started on our way back to modesto...nothin much to say about the ride home except that it was damn long...jesse road in the front seat for half, and then we'd switch off...it was pretty fun cuz i rode with my feet out the window..i was a little nervous though cuz ray looked like he was falling asleep on me. we finally got back to modesto at around 6 or 7 and they had to go straight to work...at the donut shop. that kinda sucks for them...but that's about it...i just hung out at the shop til around 11 and went home...oh! haha my friend Valerie from junior high ended up going to the shop for some reason and she took me to Kinko's with her to get her modeling photos enlarged...i got her autograph just in case she becomes famous haha..i think she will...she even took me to get food at burger king, which she rarely does..of course when i got home, my dad bitched at me for missing school, but hey, what else is new? but as for today. and that's pretty much all of my weekend.

As for today...i school schedule got changed again for the 7th time..this shit is pissing me off..this morning my parents had to go to court to determine how much my mom would be paying for child support..she really can't afford to pay anything and she complained to the court about that so now she only has pay $25 a month (which i think is bullshit) instead of $243. So now i have to go without just so she can be happy. i guess i shouldn't be selfish but damn..*sighs*.. no one probably understands what im going through but this is another long ass post so i think im gonna stop now...adios muchachos..

7:01 am
This weekend was cool...
Well on Sunday morning at around 7am, me, jesse, and ray took off for LA to go to knotts berry farm for some halloween thing. the drive up there was hella fun because ray was going about 125 mph the whole time, no joke...so it only took us about 4 hours to get there. we didn't go straight to the park because the person who had our tickets wasn't ready yet. so we stopped by ray's wife's house in Ventura to shower up and get ready ourselves. from there we left to anaheim to get the tickets. when we got there, there was a shitload of people who were also going...most were jesse's family. everyone was 20 and over except for this girl named Judy, she was 14. me and her were the only ones going to knotts for the first time. while everyone was inside getting ready and crap, me and sam (jesse's cousin) were outside driving his remote control car...that little bitch was fast. it was gas powered and could shift gears haha. at around 5:30 pm, we were finally ready to go..me, jesse, sam, and judy all got in one car and started driving up there..everyone else was in a SUV getting high haha. we ended up coming back to the house because some chick lost her ticket...but sam had an extra one so it worked out fine. when got to the park there was a shitload of people. it was hella dark and it looked all spooky and crap..sam's group of ppl got in first so we had to sit and wait for ray to get in. we ended up waiting about 45-1 hour until we could finally go do stuff. while we were waiting..guys in scary ass costumes would sneak up and scare the fuck outta you. they had hollywood style masks on and it looked hella real..this one guy had metal kneepads...metal gloves, and shoes, and he'd run up and then jump and slide on the ground right up to you...it doesn't seem scary but when you aren't paying attention it kinda does shock you...anyways...ray and everyone else finally comes so we start walking around. i think judy liked me or somethin cuz ever since the scary metal guy popped out and scared her she was clinging to my arm and rubbing her head on my shoulder. im like wtf..ok.. we finally find a line to some ride, but we have no idea what it was to...it turns out the ride was to a maze. it was a classic theme park line, the kind that are hella long and zig zag. as you walk through, you see this black guy that is standing on a stool or something on the side of the line...his makeup makes it look like he was stabbed in the back of his head and his brain shot out of his forehead or something...he'd stand there motionless and about every 20 seconds he'd jump down and scare the fuck out of the people standing in line...when i walked by i watched his eyes and he looked at me the whole time, then i said, "make that money cuz" hahahaha...and he's entire facial expression changed...i just wanted to see what he'd do...but anyways...im typing this as im getting ready for school and i actually have to leave right now...so i'll finish this when i get to school...soo, i'll probably update this at around 12:30 or so...peaz out

Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
12:32 pm
blah blah
I've been watching a lot of Naruto lately...it's a hella good anime...but besides that, today should be a lot of fun. The powderpuff football game is tonight, where the girls play flag football, and guys dress as cheerleaders...not all the guys, just volunteers. I plan on going to that, mainly to laugh at the fags in cheerleading skirts haha. A couple days ago, katie invited me over to her house to meet her mom. She told me that her mom wanted to meet me. Due to past experiences, i kinda don't want to meet her mom. I guess i don't do very well with parents. i Gget nervous and can't be myself and usually end up giving off a false impression of myself which isn't too good. But since katie wants me to go, and her mom wants to meet me...out of respect i should go. The main reason why i'd be going is to see katie though, and if i have to meet her mom to do that then whatever haha...and um...yeah im in class right now, on the internet when i shouldnt' be...so i should go now....and dez, if you're reading this, send me the link to the damn naruto manga, i can't find it..happy birthday fag haha
Sunday, October 5th, 2003
2:07 pm
Yesterday was the BizBomb
Well...it's been awhile since i've updated. I guess that's because nothing worth telling everyone has happened recently. Except for going to Galt yesterday to visit Katie. I never thought my friend Andrew would actually take me up there...but i finally got the balls to ask and he said yes. I guess i doubted he would because he's a damn freak about having gas in his car. But anyways, me and andrew were running kinda late cuz he needed to get some money from a friend of ours that he owed him...so we didn't even leave til around 3:50 or so...we got to the taco bell in galt at around 5:15 since the traffic was fucking donkies. I met katie's friend Eva there...she was kinda cool but we didn't talk much. I found out she thought i was cute so that's good haha. When i saw katie i didn't really know how to react, but i knew i was happy as fuck. We got in andrew's car and we went to her high school and walked around and stuff. Andrew decided to go on a road trip to mcdonald's to drop the bomb cuz he ate something that upset his stomach, so that gave me and katie some alone time. I'll just leave out all the details about what happened at the school but i left pretty happy. Katie called up her friend Eva to ask for a place to hang out, and she suggested the park by Katie's house. So katie showed us where her house was, which i've never seen (looked pretty nice, she didn't think so) It was cold as fuck at the park, so me and katie mostly cuddled and what not to keep warm...gave some kisses here and there. She was real cold so i took off one of my shirts and gave it to her. Andrew left somewhere again, not sure where, but he eventually came back about an hour later and couldn't find us cuz we were in a warmer place of the park hehe (katie should know where i mean). It was getting late and Andrew wanted to get going back to modesto so he could have some time to cruise mchenry.So we did that for a couple hours and then went back to the donut shop. My friend Derek brought a new member to the shop..i think her name was Brandy. She's his new neighbor..she was kinda cool, she kinda reminded me of Lara Croft haha. But we just talked outside of the shop about retarded shit and then Derek gave me, dezmond and our friend andrew g. a ride to dezmond's house. I as usual was the first to fall asleep at around 3am, since both of them had the other computers occupied and there was nothing for me to do. So yeah...that's about it...not the best day i've ever had but it's definately close. Well that's about it so yeah. Peaz Out

Monday, August 25th, 2003
7:31 am
well it's been awhile
I haven't been up to much lately..just found out about some LJ communities that i'd like to join so im trying to that now...i've been hanging out at the donut shop a lot more..i don't know how i can say that since i go everyday haha...but anyways..i just found out that i won't be able to see katie for a long time..this other girl kaitlyn tried to get me to fight my best childhood friend(which isn't cool)...i just found at that ali is gonna move away soon before i got a chance to meet her in person...so as of now my life is sucking a fat one. about a week ago, i ate a bag of shit on my friend's rollerblades...they had no brakes and i was going down an overpass...haha yeah..i know im a dumbass..but anyways..i hit a bump...fall back on my ass..do the splits..roll forward, and flip about 4 times...almost caused a wreck cuz a car swerved to the side to make sure he wouldn't hit me...i skated away with a minor bruised ass...i've been looking for some new rating sites to go on..so if anyone knows of any...let me know...kthnx..lol (that was for you dezgay)

Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
8:35 am
Well I Can Finally Say....
that i officially lost my virginity either this morning or late last nite...and i must say that it was one of the best experiences of my life haha...damn..i don't really know what else to say except that...the person i did this with is leaving real soon..and im kinda hopin she didn't have to. some ppl know who im talkin about, but for you that don't, i just have to say it's for me to know and you to find out. damn it's been awhile since i've updated, a month and a half haha holy shit.. my summer has sucked so far, except for the days i spend with u know who and she knows who she is. but my summer is gonna be even suckier starting tomorrow morning cuz i have to go to summer school. it can't be that bad cuz i'd get home at around 12:30 (i'd normally still be sleep) so i wouldn't be missin out on much. i know this is kinda random, but i think i just made the world's biggest root beer float (not really) but i took big ass tubs of ice creme and 4 liters of rootbeer and put it in a flower vase type thing...hahaha hella good..but anyways, that's all i gotta say

*and Dezmond...don't make a retarded as response to this about my first line..cuz i know plenty of things you could say, which wouldnt be very smart...*Indiana* or *Orchard* = keep to yourself..please haha
Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
8:53 am
Ok...im pretty pissed
i got $20 yesterday..and i saved 7 of it to go to the movies today...when i look in my wallet to make sure it's there..it's gone..obviously my dad took it which isn't very cool...i had plans to go to the movies..but it looks like i can't go...i fuckin hate my dad
Monday, April 28th, 2003
9:07 am
Back at school and it sucks...
First day of school after spring break and i missed the bus...good job reggie haha..so i had to walk about 2 miles to get there..im in my ROP class right now..during break i happened to walk passed Laura..tapped her on her arm but she just ignored me..whatever that was about..enough about taht..all i've been able to think about lately is counterstrike..it seems like every single game that looks boring to me, turns out being hella fun...just about every beatmania game, Counterstrike, Chu Chu Rocket, Shenmue...and a shitload of other games..i need to find someone to burn me a copy.. :)
Sunday, April 27th, 2003
5:09 am
Spring Break is just about over....
Yep, the rest of today i guess you could say is the last of my vacation. it took so long to get here, but it's gone so fast. this has to be the worst spring break i've ever had, i had the chance to meet up w/ at least 3 ppl i've been talking to online, and i didn't get to, so that sucks...i basically did the same exact thing every single night ( go to Connie's dougnuts and kick Jesse's ass at DOA3 *Jann Lee vs. Hayabusa about 300 times*)..Last night was pretty interesting though, william found out about this new place a couple blocks from his house called Pronet or somethin, kinda like some internet gaming place..i was introduced to Counter Strike, haha i kinda like it now, even though im not that good, better than dezmond which is a first since he says he's the king of all FPS games...um..that's basically all that happened this past week..lots of free dougnuts..oh yeah, can't forget about the gas station haha..we kinda tampered with the price board..so instead of unleaded gas being 2.05 and 9/10, haha it's 6.95 and 10/9 hahaha yeah, i don't think anyone will notice though...fuckin ddr unlock code is finally out and i haven't gotten to play it yet, im so pissed..i was hoping i could go out of town sometime this week and never really got to, so that's gay..speaking of gay, one of my friend's (andrew) wasted my time and william's by taking us all the way the fuck down McHenry ( the cruising street ) to meet up with some chicks he met..along with the girls came some chunky gay guy...haha who happened to give andrew a hug at the end of the night, i don't know what all that was about but all i know is that im straight, hope andrew is too..hahaha but yea..it's 5 in the morning, i haven't gone to sleep yet so im gonna end this now..fuck, Ted just woke up (dezmond's dad) he's gonna be so pissed in the morning..peace out people.

Monday, April 14th, 2003
7:33 am
Haha just realized something
holy shit...i was staring off into space just now, and then i looked down at my shoes...then i remembered the tournament in berkley, who i played against, and then all of a sudden, i realized that me and tigger were wearing the same brand of shoes hahaha...Saucony's, not a very popular brand either..i dunno..i just thought that was kinda strange, i tend to have some pretty weird chain thoughts, along w/ some people i know hehe
Thursday, April 10th, 2003
8:26 am
Screwed for the weekend dez
If im gonna have to pay to get on the bart, pay for tokens at rta, pay for food afterwards AND pay to enter the tournament im basically screwed...im hella tight on money this weekend so i don't think im gonna go..=/
Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
1:08 pm
Today Sucks Monkey Balls For Me
Well, my dad started going to work today at 4 in the morning, so he is no longer able to give me a ride to school, which means i have to use my alarm clock, which i hate. As usual, i kept hitting the snooze button and i finally wake up..what do you know...it's 11:30, so yea. i overslept, missed the 2nd day of school in the 4th quarter, i was going for perfect attendance too, looks like i fucked that up. anyways, i remember today is 10 buck tuesday, so i call my dad and ask if i can go and he says, " NO! Hell No, it's still school hours" so whatever, guess i gotta wait until 2 where i won't get as much money's worth. so i call dez, who happens to be there already and he's telling me all this shit that really makes me wanna go NOW...one major fact that he got his hair short, and i've never seen him like that..so this should be cool...he seems pretty cool about it so i know it won't look bad..he told me there were some kids from stockton playing ddr that weren't all that bad, and i love new competition, i always play better, but here it is, 50 minutes from 2 o clock and i can't leave until then, actually, i don't even know if i can go hahaha..pretty sure i can, dad doesn't usually give a damn..anyways..i can't wait until friday, im supposed to be meeting up with jessica, not sure what we're gonna be doing since all i do is play video games, but maybe she can think of somethin hehe ;)
Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
7:58 am
Another update after abuot 3 weeks haha
Nothin new really happened to me lately, except that i finally beat The Legend of Max twice...passed it with a B..it's on my memory card yay!!hopefully i can pass it whenever i want so everyone can see this friday...this kind of stupid but i realized i like chili haha..i usually don't but i guess when im hungry i'll eat just about anything, i regretted it about an hour or two later though...March Madness is this weekend..and i wanna compete, problem is that i don't know how the fuck im gonna get there. im sure my dad would take me, but not to just play a video game( not very supportive ) But as usual my teacher is breathing down my neck so im gonna go..*yawn*
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